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Welcome to "The Boys" – your passport to friendships, adventure,
and unforgettable moments. In a world that thrives on connections,
we're here to redefine the way guys come together.

With "The Boys," you're not just swiping through profiles – you're
creating bonds that can redefine your world.Add friends to your
circle and stay in the loop about their plans, events, and moves.
Whether it's cheering at a game,rocking at a concert, or simply
just going out, you no longer have to go alone.

We believe friendships are the cornerstones of a fulfilling life.
That's why we've crafted a platform that effortlessly brings old
friends closer and introduces you to potential new lifelong friends.
No more missing out on epic experiences.

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Our Mission

Stay in the loop about local happenings, friends' activities,
and future plans, effortlessly connecting with like-minded
locals through the Moves tab. Join the Move's dedicated chat
to connect with others attending the event. Plan, share
excitement, and make instant connections before the event
kicks off. The friendship doesn't end when the event does.
Revisit the events group chat for 24 hours post-event, adding
the friends you met to your circle. Foster unforgettable
experiences and lifelong friendships. Welcome to a new era
of socializing!

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Find your Circle

The “Discovery” feature gives users the opportunity to
swipe through the profiles of other users in the local
area that share the same interests, music taste, and
hobbies. Swiping left will move you onto the next profile,
and swiping right sends the user a friend request. Once
the user accepts the request, you’ve added a friend to
your circle.

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Our Story: How It All Began

Life's most memorable moments are often better when shared with others. The idea for "The Boys" was born
from a simple realization during an out-of-state work trip. It was my first time experiencing this new city,
as I was wishing for some friends to explore the area with, "The Boys" took shape—a social platform designed
to bring dudes together, fostering genuine connections and shared experiences. I envisioned a space where
friendships could be forged and unforgettable memories can be created, no matter where life took you.

"The Boys" isn't just an app; it's a reflection of the belief that life's adventures are better when shared.
It's about breaking the barriers of distance and connecting with like-minded individuals who enhance the
richness of our experiences.

Join us on this journey of friendship, shared adventures, and the creation of memories that last a
lifetime.Life is meant to be enjoyed together.

Cheers to the moments we'll share,

Cole Simmons

Founder, The Boys

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Your Profile should be a creative representation of who you are.
Upon the creation of your profile, you will be asked to provide
your age, hobbies and interests, music taste, as well as "memories"
in the form of photos and short videos.Your memories will act as a
reflection of your personality- whether it be a video of you engaged
in a favorite activity,or hilarious moments caught on video, these
clips will define your profile.

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1How does it work?

If you want to buy or sell a product, request or offer a service on THE BOYS's app, you must first register.

The registration is free.

2 Does THE BOYS charge any fees if I sell or buy something?

Using THE BOYS is completely free, and there is no subscription fee.

No fee will be charged when you buy a product, however, there will be a minimal percentage commission on each transaction when you sell a product as well as a minimal yearly fee when you are offering services. All will be made public prior to the launch of the app.

3How does buying work at THE BOYS's app?

You can directly buy, or offer a price of your choice, the seller will then respond to you.

through our messaging system and chat.

You can also chat with the seller or other users via our messaging system.

4 How can I sell an item or offer my service at THE BOYS’s app?

Please take these few easy steps, practically speaking, it takes about 5 minutes to completely finish the process and sell your product or offer your service at THE BOYS’s app.

1. Register or sign into your account.

2. Go to “My Profile” (bottom right)

3. And then, click on “My Uploads”, choose “Products or Services”

4. Press on the + symbol and upload a picture of the item you’d like to sell or a logo representing your service or business logo, and then write a title, service name or name of the product, after that, please select a category and a sub-category, and then choose your “Product Condition” (New, Used or Open Box). If you’re offering a Service, you can simply ignore this step

5. Write the “Price” for your Product or Service. In many cases, individuals or businesses offering services do not publicly write their price lists, in this case, you can simply write "Price Upon Request".

6. And finally “Describe your Product or Service”, click the “Upload & Post” button.

5 How does search work?

In order to find a product or service you need in your area or nearby, you first need to allow the “THE BOYS ” app to locate precisely where you are, however, if you have not allowed the “THE BOYS ” app or you prefer not to, you can simply go to the search box and write the name of a city, and find the product or service you are looking for.

You can search for products or services in any city in the world.

6 Donations

You can donate or give away any things that you no longer need to those who need them.

Please follow the steps below

1. Register or sign into your account.

2. Go to “My Profile” (bottom right)

3. And then, click on “My Uploads”, choose “Products or Services”.

4. Press on the + symbol and upload a picture of the item you’d like to donate and write the name of the item, after that, please select a category and a sub-category, and then choose your “Product Condition” (New, Used or Open Box).

5. Write “0” on the Price box.

6. And finally “Describe the item”, click the “Upload & Post” button.

7What types of products are not allowed to be sold at the THE BOYS’s app?

Firearms are not allowed.

Due to strict international laws banning the sale of these products.

Ammunition for firearms, including bullets, cartridges, casings, shells, and hulls Firearms of any type

Parts and accessories for assault weapons, including blueprints and instructions Any part or accessory in violation of local law

Firearm receivers, even if incomplete

The following firearm accessories are not allowed:

Gun parts, including, but not limited to, barrels, firing pins, and trigger assemblies

Products encouraging illegal activity

Encouraging or enabling illegal activity is not allowed

Information on how to use or make illegal drugs, bombs, or explosives

Stolen property

Stolen property cannot be listed for sale.

The sale of stolen property violates international law, and we will work with law enforcement in any user’s attempts to sell stolen property at the THE BOYS’s app.